Your safety is our priority

Promise Adventures Ltd is an independent adventure travel company based in Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa and run by all guides both for the mountain and safaris with over fifteen years experience so we do not subcontract to other companies. It is a trustworthy tour company whereby our mission is to satisfy our esteemed clients with their entire desires while on tour with us. We are a certified member of Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance project (KPAP) which teams up with IMEC for responsible travel and I adhere to all their rules and regulation that is, my company pay the porters the proper wages, provide them with three meals a day and equip them with the suitable mountain climbing gears.

Promise Adventures is an active member of TTB, KIATO and have a current tourism operators class "A" TALA license. Currently, we have joined the Flying Doctors Society of Africa for the mountain rescue using helicopter evacuation system. The very experienced and professional team led by the guides will be doing a daily medical check up which helps to tell if any one is vulnerable to Acute Mountain Sickness because they will be noting it from the first camp to the last one. They do it with the help of Pulse Oximeters to measure pulse rate and oxygen saturation. In this way, it helps to detect that some ones condition is not very well so he/she can be monitored carefully before it worsens. If any one of you will be unfortunately sick during the ascend and the condition is mild, then he/she will be taken down the mountain by the rescue team then meet the waiting car and will be transferred to the hotel in town to wait for the others. If the condition is severe or acute then he/she will be evacuated by the Flying Doctor's Society and taken to a hospital for further treatment. The advantages of being a member of the Flying Doctors Society of Africa is that once a victim suffers critically while on the mountain, he/she is evacuated by an helicopter then transferred to a hospital in Nairobi, Kenya for treatment.

The booking fee is included on the prices and you will be requested to submit some details like full names, age and occupation before the climb. The booking lasts for 14 days only but it can as well last longer depending on the days you are participating on the adventures. Once the booking is done you are provided with emergency numbers to call while on the mountain and the guide and well as the clients has his/her numbers. If any severe thing happens such as illness or injury, then you call the emergency numbers indicating where you are calling from and within a short span of time the helicopter will be there ready to evacuate the victim to a Nairobi hospital. The evacuation fee is included on the price but the medical bills and other expenses while in Nairobi are paid by the victim.